Spencer writes in the library, part 10: The phone call


This episode of Spencer Writes in the Library took place Thursday, August 7th around 9:30am

The Spot

Where am I working today?

I am on the second floor of the west wing, looking to the north of campus.

What’s a perk of this spot?

Lot of room up here and a lot of places to work. At first, I didn’t even realize that I’d already written a post about working in a different spot in this area.

What’s a problem with this spot?

This is the first time that I really had any trouble with the west wing being a talking spot. Someone was taking phone calls a few desks down, and it bothered me more than I thought it would.

What have I learned in this spot?


I’ve been on a podcast kick recently, but every once in a while I catch up with everything or don’t feel like listening to what’s next on the list. Today, with some poking around, I found that I could listen to a Swiss radio channel from my browser, adding a little variety to my routine and providing some distraction from the phone calls…

How would I rate this spot?

3 out of 5 dentists. (Why dentists?)

The Work

What am I working on today?

Today I’ve been working on my final paper for the independent study class I’m taking over the summer. This paper will also provide me with a pretty good foundation for working on my second year practicum research project, so I’m eager to do a good job of it. The professor coordinating my independent study is also kicking it up a notch by having me follow grant proposal guidelines, which is also giving me some good practice working with that particular genre of academic writing.

What’s the highlight from today’s work?

To be totally honest, just getting started was the highlight of this morning. It took me doing an hour or so of odd jobs (all of which were worthwhile) before I was ready to dive into the paper. I was especially grateful for the Pomodoro technique today – setting a timer for myself was helpful for focusing in on what I was supposed to be doing.

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