Wunderlist and grad school

As I am wont to do at the start of a new semester, I totally upended my productivity routines a few weeks ago. The biggest change I’ve made is switching task managers: As much as I enjoy (and would still recommend!) HabitRPG, it wasn’t really working for me anymore. After briefly flirting with the idea of Wunderlist, a really nice, free, cross-platform task manager that I’ve tried in the past but never fully embraced.

When I switched to Wunderlist, I also rethought my overall approach to productivity and task managers, so I’ve been meaning to blog about that for a while. I finally got around to it, but I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach: Explain what I did through a Wunderlist public list.

This is a little wonky in the embedded frame, but if you click the title of the list, you can go to a webpage that makes things a little easier to read (plus gives you a peek at my home office).

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