My little hive of work and geekery


I spent some time at the beginning of the semester rearranging my home workspace, a nice little desk/bookshelf combo that we picked up at IKEA shortly after moving to Lansing. I’ve been using this stand for a while to convert my traditional desk into a standing desk, but it only recently occurred to me to try putting my second monitor on the top of the bookshelf so that I could reap the benefits of both a standing desk and a dual-monitor setup. This way, I can keep my music, chat, Pomodoro, and other less critical windows off to the side, where they don’t get in the way, but I can still check them easily.

My favorite part of this setup, though, is the collection of nerdy stuff that I have accompanying my second monitor. Some of it isn’t so much geekery as nostalgia, but it’s still nice to have some of my doodads up there to give me the occasional motivational boost. With a couple of exceptions, though, a well-versed nerd should be able to ID most of what is up there.

10 points for every doodad you manage to identify!

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