A comprehensive playlist for comprehensive exams

I am usually listening to something while I work, but that something changes a lot from day to day and from task to task. I’ve been meaning for a while to discuss some of what keeps my ears occupied while I put my mind to work. Here’s a selection of a few of the songs that kept me focused last week as I wrote and wrote and wrote…

Ya 7weneh (Hayajan)

This whole album (Ya Bay) has been a favorite of mine recently. I don’t understand Arabic, so I don’t get caught up in/distracted by the words, but the music is energetic and keeps me going.

Go! (Public Service Broadcasting)

Public Service Broadcasting is a band that mixes historical video and audio into original music. This is part of their latest album, The Race for Space, which samples from audio related to the US and USSR space programs. I love this idea of remixing, and the music video for this track is particularly delightful.

The Jedi Steps/Finale (John Williams)

I loved watching the The Force Awakens when it came out, and I relied heavily on this soundtrack to keep me motivated last week. This track may be my favorite of the bunch, not only because of the first few minutes but also because of the summary of the entire soundtrack that happens after the traditional Star Wars end-of-movie music.

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