Grad school poetry

Punya Mishra recently posted to his blog a digital version of a book that several of us in MSU’s Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program worked on together. It’s not your typical academic book; I think Punya puts it best in his description of it:

Graduate school can be a grind. Academia can be dull and dreary. But not if poetry and parody are brought into the mix. This is a volume of academic poetry titled Momentary Lapis Lazuli of Reason: Academia for better [or] verse. The poems in this volume are the collective creation of students and faculty in the EPET program at MSU, created over email and lunch breaks; during class meetings and grading assignments; between procrastinating on starting that class paper or finishing off that long over-due journal article. It is somewhat of a miracle that this book even exits.

The book was a lot of fun to contribute to; I worked with Day Greenberg to (re)write O iPad! my iPad, starting on page 26, but there are many other gems that you should take a look at before that one. I’ve embedded the book below so that you can take a look!

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