New publication: Using TPACK to Analyze Technological Understanding in Teachers’ Digital Teaching Portfolios

Over the past four years, I’ve participated in research projects on a few different topics, but most of them can be grouped into the broad category of “digital educational research.” As I like to put it, this involves exploring how digital technologies afford not only new spaces for teaching and learning but also new ways of researching those spaces.

One of my first forays into this kind of research—during my first year—was exploring what we could learn about teachers’ technology knowledge (as understood through the TPACK framework) through what they include in their digital teaching portfolios. I’ve worked with Matt Koehler, Josh Rosenberg, and Sarah Keenan in the years since to follow through with our original efforts, and our findings were recently published in the January issue of the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. We talk about what we found in terms of the technology knowledge that we were looking for and also (indirectly) comment on the implications of our digital research approach.

The article can be downloaded here!

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