Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons in 7 more videos

Last year, I wrote a post about a series of YouTube videos that I used to give a guest lecture on copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons. It went well enough that I was asked to come back this year and guest lecture again. I made some tweaks to the presentation this time around, switching the order of some of the videos, and replacing a couple of them. I think the flow of the presentation/videos is stronger this time around, since it starts by laying a stronger foundation for why we need intellectual property law (instead of jumping straight to the right to remix and immediately criticizing the law) and eases into a debate about fair use with an example that’s germane to teaching (if, like I may be able to, you can get away with showing remixed clips from French Star Wars when teaching).

Rather than write everything out here (since there is a lot of overlap with last year’s post), I’ll embed the slides for the new presentation here; you can also check out this link if you want to see my presentation notes, too.

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