Spencer Greenhalgh
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Background Related to Serious Games
I came to MSU to study educational technology broadly but games and education specifically. I’ve used analog games in some of the debate and French classes I’ve taught to help situate my students in environments and tasks that (I hope!) are conducive to learning. I also do research at the intersection of games and learning.

What I Hope to Learn from the Serious Games Graduate Certificate Program
I love playing and researching games, and I’ve tried to adapt games I know about for teaching, but I don’t really know much about designing them. I’ve always wanted to learn about the game design process, and even if I never become an educational games designer, I think that knowing what that involves will help me in the other work I do.

Something I’m Passionate About
I’m fascinated by how players make decisions in games, especially when those decisions have an ethical element to them. I think that ethical thinking and reflection is something that we (i.e., humans generally) don’t do enough of, and I firmly believe that games can provide us with opportunities to practice those skills.

MI 831 Projects

  1. Expeditions: Game Motivations [Draft] [Final]
  2. Expeditions: Game Based Learning [Topic] [Game]
  3. Expeditions: Narrative
  4. Expeditions: Presence
  5. Expeditions: Development
  6. Epic Pitch
  7. Epic Draft
  8. Epic Final